Barnstorming the Midwest (and Beyond): Where I’ve Been

All these posts throughout my little “Barnstorming” series had me curious where I’d been (and how much I’d written): twenty-seven cities, thirty-plus archives, and almost 22,000 miles on my Ford Focus later.

[Update: Happy 2019! I’ve added a few cities and a couple blog posts. Oh, and the car is about 500 miles shy of 70,000 that I’ve put on since May 2017. Enjoy!]

First, a tremendous thanks to the Minnesota Historical Society for their Legacy Research Fellowship, Wisconsin Chapter of the National Society of Colonial Dames of America for their research grant, and Marquette University History Department (particularly the Chair, Dr. Jim Marten, and now-former Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Lezlie Knox) for their generous support with travel funds this summer and fall. They made this amazing adventure possible, and on top of the plenty of research I did, they helped make these memories I’ll carry with me–camping next to the Missouri River and Lake Manitoba, living through Hurricane Irma in Atlanta, playing adult league softball on Boston Commons–possible.

Because I’m a visual learner, I put together a little map to help keep track of where all I’ve been. Zoom in on a city, click the dot(s), and see where I’ve been! For cities I’ve written a “Barnstorming” post for, I’ve included the link to the blog.

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