Away we go!

We have a visiting professor from George Mason, Dr. Sharon Leon, at Marquette. She’s teaching HIST 5953, The Digital Past, in which we learn how to research, navigate, and create history online.

This class involves absolutely no textbooks; instead, Dr. Leon required us to purchase a one-year domain name. As part of both this class and my “professional internship” with the Marquette Digital Scholarship Lab, I am apparently now an historian-in-training online. So for at least this semester and probably the next year of my life, I’ll be online!

Going forward I’ll be adding tidbits from my professional life here, my CV, and assignments from class. As I type this, we’re also learning how to create different categories and publish posts. Good student that I am, I’m sure I missed at least two or three salient details to publishing and categorizing our blog posts online.

We’ll see how this goes!

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